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20 Under 20 Nominations

For our first Annual 20 Under 20 issue (December/January 2020), we are seeking nominations of Peachtree Corners kids ages 19 and younger (as of November 1, 2019) who have impacted the community in a significant way, or shown leadership or personal achievements (in i.e. science, the arts, sports or business.)

These can be students who have given up summer vacation to help the less fortunate, created projects to benefit others, achieved awards or personal successes through science projects, acting, sports, music and in other areas. These are stories to inspire others.

Nominations are welcome from teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, siblings, fellow students or community leaders.

Here’s the information we need:

  • Nominator (name, relationship to nominee and contact information)
  • Nominee (name, age, grade, school, parent or guardian names, contact information
  • Description of why you are nominating the individual Please provide a paragraph describing why this nominee deserves recognition. Include service projects, talent and information about goals, interests, and areas of interest to help illustrate your point.

Information you need to know:

  • The student must reside in the City of Peachtree Corners, GA
  • Ages from middle school and up are eligible
  • There is no limit to the number of students you can nominate. Please prioritize your list if you are a school or organization submitting multiple nominations. We will have a runner-up list beyond the 20 chosen.
  • The 20 students will be chosen by our staff and will depend on the story you tell

The deadline is fast arriving on October 31. Please email your nominations to editor@livinginpeachtreecorners.com.


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