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Clean Eatz: Tasty, Healthy and Easy



nancy glass
Nancy Glass, Owner of Clean Eatz. Photos from Clean Eatz Facebook.

Clean Eatz, a healthy cafe that offers meal plan services, is coming to Peachtree Corners in late April 2021. Clean Eatz started construction on March 15 and will open tentatively around late April. The cafe will be open for two weeks before meal plans are offered.

When talking to owner Nancy Glass, she said what attracted her to Peachtree Corners was the active lifestyle displayed by the community. “When you go on the Peachtree Corners website it’s all ‘family, community, outdoor Living.” It’s all about active living! There’s this feeling of family and that everyone is in it together.” Clean Eatz’s mission “is to help be the first step you take to living a healthy lifestyle,” as well as giving the community “the tools needed [in maintaining a healthy diet] by preparing properly portioned sized meals with a balance of protein, carbs and fats.” Meal planning has become popular in recent years for busy adults with families and others always on the go, especially in light of the pandemic.

“COVID has brought on this whole new environment to our family dynamic,” Glass said. “So at the end of the day, whether you’re a parent or a single working adult, you just want to take a moment to breathe without having to stress about dinner. With a meal plan, you have nutritious meals ready-to-eat, which make it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle… We simplify life!”

High on nutrition, low on cost and commitment

The Clean Eatz Meal Plans offers nutritious, personalized meals for those with active lifestyles at an affordable cost. Meal plans come in 5, 10, 15 and 21 meal options, and prices start at $38 for five meals ($7.60 per meal), and if you order 21+ meals, the price goes down to $6.10.

“Clean Eatz puts their money where their mouth is! If we say it’s affordable, we will make it affordable,” Glass said. The meal plan menu changes weekly but it is adaptable to each person’s dietary needs, such as gluten-free, low or no-carb or extra protein. Meal plans can also be shipped to your house as well as picked up in-store.

The meal plans are also low commitment. “We don’t take your credit card [information] or bring you into any contracts,” Glass explained. “If we offer you a tasty, nutritious meal, it will be a delight. You will want to come back.”

Wealth of options

In addition to meal plans, they have a separate cafe dining menu that provides “a balanced look at food while giving you several options.” And they offer frozen grab-and-gos as an alternative to what is on the weekly meal plan menu, including gluten-free cauliflower crust frozen pizzas. They also provide catering, great for events like athletic competitions and after-school sports. Glass mentioned she had already been contacted by a CrossFit gym nearby to cater later in the summer.

On the cafe menu, there is a wide variety of smoothies that can work as a snack or a meal replacement when “First Form” protein powder is added. Customers can build their own burger choosing between turkey, salmon, black bean or bison and customize it any way they want.

Glass invites everyone to come by and grab some “Good for You Nachos” (sweet potato fries topped with shredded beef, guacamole, salsa, green peppers and red onion) or boneless wings or buffalo cauliflower bites as a snack. “Build a Bowl” options allow customers to choose and customize their meal to their liking — with a base, protein, veggies, sauce and spice.

Simple and tasty

About the menu, Glass said, “We’ve taken your favorites and made them good for you — tasty, delicious!” They also offer salads, wraps and kids’ menu options such as “Pizza Rollz” and “Boneless Wingz”.

Clean Eatz features healthy and balanced meals that taste good, while also offering variety to their meal plans and menus, making them stand out against other often bland diet programs. Their menu includes Keto and Celiac-friendly options, as well as choices for people who are on a diabetic diet.

“It’s not easy going into the grocery store and know how to put a recipe together that is balanced and has all the necessary nutrients. We take away all the guesswork,” Glass said. She added that it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that’s where Clean Eatz can help. “We’re here to create a plan and then create a community.”

Ahead of opening, everyone is invited to sign up for meal plans at cleaneatz.com/locations/peachtree-corners-ga. Once Clean Eatz is open, customers will receive an email notification with a menu on Thursday, with a reminder, to place their orders by Sunday.

For more information about Clean Eatz, follow @cleaneatzpeachtreecornersga on Instagram and Facebook.

Elizabeth Sigmon is a junior Creative Writing Major and Music Minor at Young Harris College. She graduated from Norcross High School in 2018, and has lived in Peachtree Corners her entire life. After college she plans to pursue higher education along with her writing. Aside from writing, Elizabeth has been singing and performing as long as she can remember and music will always hold a special place in her heart. You can follow her on Instagram @_efsigmon to follow her on her adventures and life updates!

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Explore Gwinnett Announces First Annual Gwinnett Beer Week



gwinnett beer week

Explore Gwinnett, Gwinnett’s official tourism and film office, is pleased to announce Gwinnett Beer Week, held July 18-24, 2021. Gwinnett Beer Week celebrates the 12 locally-owned breweries that call Gwinnett home, including familiar names from Peachtree Corners and Norcross. Many Peachtree Corners Magazine readers are proud patrons of Anderby Brewing, Kettlerock Brewing, Social Fox Brewing, and Cultivation Brewery.

“Gwinnett Beer Week provides an opportunity to celebrate Gwinnett’s growing craft beer scene, said Victoria Hawkins, Explore Gwinnett marketing communications director. “Local craft breweries add to Gwinnett’s destination appeal for visitors. We want to showcase them and all the events that they are producing.”

Explore Gwinnett is producing 3 events during Gwinnett Beer Week.

-6S Brewing Beer + Chocolate pairing: Available all week at 6S Brewing. Pay $15 for a flight of beers and perfectly matched chocolates from the locally owned sweets shop, The Chocolaterie. Limited quantity available.

-Barks + Brews at Anderby Brewing: Dogs are welcome at this one day event on Thursday, July 22nd at Anderby Brewing. Free pet portraits by a professional photographer from 6:30-8:30pm. Gwinnett Humane Society will be on-site with adoptable dogs. Explore Gwinnett giveaways including Love, Gwinnett doggie bandanas and travel water bowls. Limited quantity.

-Baseball and Beer Tour: Join Explore Gwinnett and Southern Beer Tours on a ticketed walking brewery tour in Lawrenceville. Add-on a Gwinnett Stripers suite ticket if you’d like to board the shuttle to Coolray Field after the beer tour for a ride to the baseball game. Food included during baseball game.

Visit GwinnettBeerWeek.org for a complete list of brewery events including live music, bingo, a car show and more.

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Equality Eats Here — Peachy Corners Café



Owner Long Tran. Photos by Isadora Pennington.

Tucked away in the Spalding Center complex on Spalding Drive, the charming front patio decked out with string lights welcomes you to Peachy Corners Cafe. The menu features favorites like espresso drinks, drip coffee, tea and pastries, and also includes a variety of bubble tea and smoothies. Mellow music lends the space a relaxed vibe, while a chalk wall covered in doodles and rolling cart stacked high with board games suggests the kid-friendly fun that takes place here.

Interior shots of Peachy Corners Cafe. Photos by Isadora Pennington.

Owner Long Tran opened Peachy Corners Cafe with his wife Susie Martono-Tran in January of 2020. “My wife has always wanted to open a bubble tea shop since I met her,” explained Long, who was inspired to open a cafe when he struggled to find good local coffee during his sons’ karate lessons across the street. “We decided to merge the two and sell really good coffee and really good bubble tea and thought that could work. There’s something to it because we are still here, despite the pandemic.”

Trial by fire

2020 was quite a challenging time to open a coffee shop. “We had no idea,” said Long, shaking his head at the memory. Peachy Corners Cafe was among the first restaurants in the area to shut their doors as the information they received from their friends and loved ones who live in other countries gave them advance notice as to the severity of COVID-19 and what to expect. From mid-March to early June the doors at the cafe remained closed and their fledgling business could have been in serious trouble. Fortunately, they had an idea that allowed them to stay afloat during those early days of the pandemic.

They began making drinks to donate to healthcare professionals and first responders, and quickly word got out about these charitable acts. The community responded positively, with many regular customers stepping up to donate funds that allowed Peachy Corners Cafe to give back to those on the front line, find a use for their perishables so they would not go to waste and operate in such a way that they did not lose money on the products they already had on hand before the shutdowns. “We didn’t make money off the donations, but it kept us from losing money as well,” explained Long. “I think that was very crucial to us, and it also became a way for us to continue engaging with the community and get our name out there as a new business.”

It was important to Long to take precautionary action in response to COVID-19. Not only did he want to keep his family safe, he also wanted to ensure that he had the necessary supplies like hand sanitizer, plexiglass dividers and upgraded filters for the cafe’s HVAC system which would ensure his staff and customers would also be safe when they eventually reopened

.Their efforts seem to have paid off. None of the staff has gotten sick, and these days the customers have started coming in again. “By the end of July, we saw business slowly return, and now I think we are starting to get a sense for the potential of what this space might be.” Peachy Corners Cafe has a loyal following and Long knows many of the regulars by name. Popular among working professionals during the day, there are also a lot of families and kids that frequent the cafe after school.

No space for hate

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been those who have blamed Asian countries for the origin and spread of the COVID-19 virus. When those views were expressed in the media, the idea quickly took hold and Long witnessed a variety of responses from microaggressions and boycotting all the way to outright intimidation and violence.

“Atlanta has got this great community and great sense of community, but recently it seems there has been a rise in resentment,” said Long. “With rhetoric from our elected leaders, regardless of which political side they are on, when you are trying to score political points by going after North Korea or China, you can inadvertently paint targets on the backs of your Asian American citizens.”

Locally, the response to these ideas has been largely passive-aggressive rather than outright aggressive, unlike the hate crimes frequently taking place in cities like San Francisco and New York where Asian Americans are literally being attacked on the streets without provocation.

Throughout the pandemic, and amplified over the last four years, the rise in racism and hate crimes has set the stage for prejudice, hatred and fear. Armed protestors took to the streets of Chinatown in Chamblee last summer, telling Chinese business owners and citizens that they were not welcome.

Businesses on Buford Highway are receiving hateful phone calls or prank calls — and some have even had rocks thrown through their windows. Last spring ‘Wuhan plague’ plaques began popping up on signs and businesses throughout the city that depicted Winnie The Pooh eating a bat. These incidents represent a growing hostility towards Asian people as a whole, and ultimately culminated in the brutal slaying of eight people — six of whom were Asian women — working at historically Asian spas in March.

Long said he has heard reports of an increase in hatred and intimidation toward his Asian customers, especially teenagers and kids who have noted increased bullying at school. “I consider myself very fortunate,” said Long. “I think Peachtree Corners has been amazing and supportive of all of its businesses. I haven’t necessarily experienced anything like that, we haven’t gotten those phone calls to our cafe. But we have had times when a customer walks through the door and walks out, and I have no idea if it’s because of me.”

Making a difference

Not one to simply stand by and witness these upsetting trends and devastating losses, Long has taken an active role in helping the Asian American communities heal and find solidarity in the face of what is often overwhelming fear and worry. Though he does not lead any nonprofits, Long is well connected with a number of the organizations and community leaders that are making a difference. By leveraging those connections, he has helped to engage volunteers, spread information about the efforts of nonprofits he admires, like Stop AAPI Hate, and organize demonstrations such as the Stop Asian Hate rally which drew over 3,000 attendees to the Liberty Plaza in Downtown Atlanta. Long also organized a candlelight vigil for the victims in Dunwoody and a cultural celebration in Decatur which aimed to both educate and celebrate Asian American culture.

Back in April, Long was asked by the Democratic Party of Georgia to introduce President Biden during a drive-in rally at the Infinite Energy Center. During his speech, Long talked about his experience as the son of Vietnamese immigrants, the ways in which COVID-19 has affected the Asian American community and the recent election of two Democratic senators in Georgia. The fact that the rally happened to take place on the 46th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon during the Vietnam War cemented the importance of speaking on these issues for Long.

What can we do?

In addition to donating to causes such as Stop AAPI Hate, Long also has been advocating for local Asian-owned businesses by posting reviews online and encouraging people to frequent those restaurants and shops. He created and distributed Equality Eats Here stickers to display on the doors of eateries that are safe places for all people. Long also recommends talking to your kids about bullying and how to ensure their Asian American classmates don’t feel alone during these trying times.

“On a micro level, within our community, I would encourage people who live in Peachtree Corners to get to know the owners of local small businesses,” said Long. “It means even more when it’s an Asian or a Black-owned business and you get to know the owners by name. There’s a bond that you build, and it becomes harder to let all the hate and fear come into play when you personally know someone.”

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Fresh & Refreshing — Peachtree Corners’ Best Summer Treats



Taqueria Del Mar. Article Photographed By Isadora Pennington

Temperatures are soaring in Georgia, and after a full year of sequestering ourselves in our homes, it’s finally feeling a bit safer to venture out into the world and resume some semblance of normalcy. For many of us, that might mean something as simple as stopping by a local restaurant or cafe for a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day. Here in Peachtree Corners, we have some great options for cool treats, from kid-friendly smoothies and treats to enticing adult beverages, so we’ve compiled a list for your enjoyment!

Taqueria del Mar

5075 Peachtree Parkway Northwest, Suite 105A,
Peachtree Corners 30092
770-696-4582 | taqueriadelmar.com

This casual eatery is tucked away in a corner of Jones Bridge Square. Inside, colorful decor and a lively atmosphere make this restaurant a favorite for date nights and family meals alike. They offer a full bar, classic southwestern cuisine, a kids’ menu, lunch on Saturdays and brunch on Sundays. If you’re the type who craves slushy boozy drinks, check out their extensive frozen margarita offerings and variety of flavor add-ons.

I sampled their house Frozen Margarita in a regular size and their large frozen house margarita with an infusion of watermelon and mango flavors at the advice of my server. It was absolutely delicious, light and refreshing. Pair it with tacos, a burrito or fajitas, or indulge in an order of their amazing queso.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

5215 Town Center Boulevard, Peachtree Corners 30092
770-225-4662 | peachtree-corners.firebirdsrestaurants.com

Firebird’s Double Black Diamond.

This easy-going chain offers both lunch and dinner menus that highlight seafood and steaks. Set in an upscale lodge-like atmosphere, it’s a great spot for everything from a romantic date night to a casual business lunch. Don’t miss their extensive waterfall bar — all of the color-coded bottles on display are actually full of liquor and get cycled through for the cocktails; it’s not just a display.

Firebird’s Double Black Diamond.

Speaking of a beautiful display, check out this incredible concoction! The Double Black Diamond is one of those little-known delicacies hiding in plain sight. The giant glowing pineapple on the bar? Yep, that’s full of liquor! This huge bottle features a masterful selection of perfectly cut and arranged pineapple slices, soaking in New Amsterdam Pineapple Vodka, that are infused for 21 days, lending the liquor an incredibly light and refreshing flavor for a beverage that is deceptively boozy. Enjoy one of these and you’ll find yourself dreaming about kicking back on a sandy beach somewhere.

Clean Eatz

3975 Holcomb Bridge Road Peachtree Corners 30092

678-833-5353 | cleaneatz.com/locations/peachtree-corners-ga

If you need a tasty treat that’s also healthful and satisfying, look no further than Clean Eatz, which just opened on Holcomb Bridge Road! Their menu offers snacks like “Good For You Nachos” and customizable Build A Bowl offerings where you choose the base, the proteins, veggies, sauces and spice, as well as wraps, salads, burgers, flatbreads and, of course, smoothies. For those who might not feel up to making dinner, they also offer meal plans with no subscriptions. New menu items are listed every week.

Pictured here is the Dirty Peanut, made with chocolate 1st phorm protein, peanut butter, sugar-free chocolate syrup and smoothie creme. At only 255 calories, this decadent offering is on par with a standard candy bar, making it a sweet treat you can enjoy guilt-free.

Planet Smoothie

5275 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 106, Peachtree Corners 30092
470-545-1996 | planetsmoothie.com/stores/19223

(Photo courtesy Planet Smoothie Peachtree Corners)

Who doesn’t love Planet Smoothie? This familiar chain serves up customizable smoothies with both yogurt and sherbet bases, plus plenty of tasty add-ons. The Peachtree Corners location, open since 2018, has been a popular stop for a fruity and sweet treat, and recently they’ve started focusing more on catering orders. Got a pool party coming up? Order a big batch and make everyone happy with healthy, delicious, cool smoothies from Planet Smoothie.

Sarah, pictured, is holding a Mango Passion Smoothie with mango, passion fruit, strawberries and an energy blast and a Shag-A-Delic Smoothie with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, frozen yogurt, non-fat milk and vanilla.

Marlow’s Tavern

5210 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 260,
Peachtree Corners 30092
470-550-1197 | marlowstavern.com/locations/peachtreecorners

A local favorite, Marlow’s Tavern embraces the casual, laid-back vibe of a neighborhood bar. The menu features snacks, salads, burgers, sandwiches and tavern favorites. This spot is a great choice for those with gluten sensitivities as they have a robust gluten-free menu. Their extensive drink menu includes beer, wine and a number of craft cocktails.

When I visited, I sampled the Grapefruit Ricky. This delightful cocktail is made with American Harvest vodka, St. Germain, fresh grapefruit juice and a splash of lime juice. Garnished with a chunk of grapefruit, this drink is refreshing and light while still packing quite a punch!

Beard Papa’s

5215 Town Center Boulevard, #620, Peachtree Corners 30092
770-807-0564 | beardpapas.com

Okay, I’ll admit it. The cute, bearded mascot is what ultimately drew me into the small Beard Papa’s shop at Town Center. This bright and cute counter service chain was founded in 1999 in Japan and is most well-known for their cream puffs. They also carry frozen drinks and coffees on their limited menu.

I tried one of their Strawberry Cream Drinks, which was rich and creamy with a light berry flavor. Sure to be a hit among kids, their frozen drink menu also includes an Oreo cookie crumble drink — and all frozen drinks are topped with a generous heap of whipped cream.

Peachy Corners Cafe

6365 Spalding Drive, Peachtree Corners 30092
678-691-0547 | facebook.com/peachycorners

A sweet neighborhood coffee and bubble tea shop, Peachy Corners Cafe is a great spot to have a quick bite, grab a coffee or a smoothie, get some work done or play board games with your family. The menu offers standard coffee shop fare plus a selection of smoothies, freezes and bubble teas sure to please your palate and cool you down on warm summer days.

Pictured is their Mango Smoothie, which is rich and creamy but also light and refreshing. Packing a fruity punch, it is topped with whipped cream for a little pop of pure sugary sweetness.

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