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Rainbow Village Hosts Annual ‘We Are Family’ Benefit Gala



Those who advocate for those in need find it necessary to reach out to the community for assistance. While numerous nonprofits receive generous grants and other forms of financial support, the majority host at least one major event a year to keep the lights on and the aid flowing.

Rainbow Village is no exception.

Benefit gala info

The 2023 “We Are Family” benefit gala is set for a 6 p.m. start on Saturday, October 7 at Atlanta Athletic Club. This annual event supports and celebrates Rainbow Village as it works to transform the lives of families experiencing homelessness, one family at a time.

The black-tie optional affair includes a champagne reception, a seated dinner with complimentary wine, silent and live auctions, a famed wine wall and a raffle.

Besides the entertainment, guests will also hear an emotional account from a Rainbow Village graduate, detailing the impact the organization had on her life and the lives of her children.

The work at Rainbow Village is crucial because every day there are families with children who find themselves in unsafe environments with no place to turn, no one to turn to and no place to call home. Through the provision of transitional housing and transformational programming, Rainbow Village is endeavoring to change that.

According to its literature, the nonprofit utilizes a model that takes different goals and starting points into consideration. This allows residents to see their progress and build confidence in their individual journey towards economic self-sufficiency.

“Our gala is a night filled with great food, lots of laughter and the occasional tear as we are reminded of the ‘why’ that has brought us all together,” said Melanie Conner, CEO of Rainbow Village, in a press release.

“With housing prices at historically high levels, affordable housing is harder than ever to come by. Homelessness is at crisis levels in many communities, including our own,” she continued. “By arming families with the tools, they need to not only survive but thrive beyond our village, our organization, along with the individuals and partners that support us, is paving the way for them to confidently embark on the journey to self-sufficiency.”

Goals past and present

As it has for the past few years, Rainbow Village is hoping to raise at least half a million dollars to further its mission. Even the pandemic couldn’t keep local wallets shut. The nonprofit has met and exceeded its fundraising goals for the last few years.

Nobody wants this to be the year that it isn’t successful. Last year, 2022, saw a total of $501,970 raised and in 2021, $500,030 was raised.

While every dollar is precious, major sponsors such as Northside Hospital are leading the charge. The medical provider is the presenting sponsor.

Both ticketed and non-ticketed sponsorships for the event are always welcome. All sponsorships can be purchased online through the Rainbow Village website at RainbowVillage.org.

Arlinda Smith Broady is part of the Boomerang Generation of Blacks that moved back to the South after their ancestors moved North. With approximately three decades of journalism experience (she doesn't look it), she's worked in tiny, minority-based newsrooms to major metropolitans. At every endeavor she brings professionalism, passion, pluck, and the desire to spread the news to the people.

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Doing Good

Water at Work Ministry Partners with House of Light Orphanage



Water at Work Ministry, an Atlanta-based charitable organization is proud to announce its partnership with House of Light Orphanage.
This is Pastor Lucas who opened the house of light orphanage in 2006 with the goal to care for his own child with disabilities and others who could not receive care elsewhere. Pictured with his is Water at Work’s Executive Director Dan Blevins (a Peachtree Corners resident).

Water at Work Ministry, an Atlanta-based charitable organization dedicated to providing clean water solutions to communities in the Dominican Republic, is proud to announce its partnership with House of Light Orphanage, a haven of care and education to 40 orphans with disabilities.

Together, these faith-based organizations are inaugurating a sustainable water production business to ensure access to safe water for the orphanage residents and the surrounding communities in Ciudad Juan Bosch.

This business will help sustain House of Light’s mission to provide nurture and education to children, many of whom have experienced physical and cognitive challenges since birth and abandonment by their families. 

A dedication and grand opening ceremony for the water plant was held on Tuesday, May 14, with representatives attending from Water at Work Ministries, Rotary International, Be an Angel Foundation, the local Bella Vista Rotary Club, House of Light Orphanage and the local community.  

With the opening of Water at Work’s new sustainable water plant, the House of Light Orphanage will have a consistent and reliable source of clean water to meet the needs of the orphans and the surrounding community, ensuring access to water that is safe for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene.

The plant has a production capacity of 5,500 gallons per day, and is designed to be a sustainable business that will generate revenue through water sales. Clean water will be produced and affordably sold in five-gallon bottles in the surrounding communities.

Profits generated by the water business will defray the orphanage’s expenses, thereby contributing to its continued viability and moving it toward financial independence. 

This project is just one more example of how this Atlanta-based nonprofit organization is working to empower and elevate local economies in the Dominican Republic.

Over the past decade, Water at Work has established eight fully-functioning water plant businesses across the DR. Each partners with local churches with the goal of meeting people’s physical needs through water and their spiritual needs through the Living Water of Jesus. 

While many people think of the DR’s pristine beaches and resorts, locals know that poverty is rampant in many parts of the country and countless people have limited access to basic needs, including clean water. With the ongoing crisis in neighboring Haiti, ministries like Water at Work are more needed now than ever before. 

“The partnership between House of Light Orphanage and Water at Work represents a significant step forward in addressing the critical need for clean water in underserved communities,” says Water at Work Executive Director, Dan Blevins, resident of Peachtree Corners. 

“By leveraging sustainable technology and innovative solutions, both organizations will make a tangible, life-giving difference,” he added. 

Water at Work Ministry 
Email: audrie@wateratworkministry.org 
Phone: 404-465-1447

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Rooted Interiors Unveils Largest Transformation Project Yet for a Family in Need



Grandfather's bedroom before and after // photos courtesy of Rooted Interiors

Rooted Interiors, a new non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through design, has announced the completion of its largest transformation project to date.

With a commitment to providing complete interiors to individuals and families emerging from homelessness, Rooted Interiors continues to make a profound impact on communities, one home at a time.

The latest project marks a significant milestone for Rooted Interiors as it demonstrates the organization’s unwavering dedication to creating havens where families can plant roots and thrive.

Through meticulous planning, collaboration and the support of generous donors and volunteers, Rooted Interiors has successfully transformed a once hopeless space into a warm and welcoming home for a deserving family.

At the heart of this project is a single mother, accompanied by her two children and her father, who found themselves in dire circumstances after the mother fled from an abusive partner, forcing them to seek refuge at the Family Promise shelter in Athens, Ga.

Upon securing a new home, however, their relief was short-lived as they found themselves in a space devoid of warmth and lacking the essentials of a home.

With no furniture besides a dining room table, no washer and dryer and a malfunctioning fridge, their daily struggles persisted for three long months.

But Rooted Interiors didn’t just redesign the family’s space, they filled it with love and hope.

Through this project, the organization transformed the family’s house into a sanctuary, addressing not only their physical needs but also their emotional well-being. From carefully selected furniture to thoughtful décor choices, every detail was curated to create a space that felt like home.

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest project, which represents our continued commitment to serving those in need,” said Kristina McCalla, Founder and Executive Director of Rooted Interiors.

“Our Rooted in Renewal Program not only revitalizes physical spaces but also renews hope and stability for the family who calls this house their home,” she added.

Rooted Interiors offers a lifeline to families in need, empowering them to thrive and succeed in their journey towards independence.

“This journey is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing interiors; it’s about using the language of design to uplift and restore,” said Kristina McCalla, also Lead Interior Designer at Rooted Interiors.

“Rooted in faith and love, each project is a testament to the belief that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a place that reflects their humanity and worth. By providing a thoughtfully designed and fully furnished home, we aim to empower families to thrive and succeed in their journey towards independence,” she explained.

As Rooted Interiors continues its mission to fully furnish homes for those emerging from homelessness, this project serves as a testament to the organization’s impact and the generosity of its supporters.

Through ongoing partnerships and community engagement, the organization remains committed to building brighter futures for individuals and families in need. For more information about Rooted Interiors and how you can support their mission, visit rootedinteriors.org.

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Doing Good

Local Non-profit Boy With a Ball Announces Dates for Upcoming Conference



The Love Your City Conference brings together changemakers and champions from local organizations for an opportunity to grow and learn.
via boywithaball.com

Boy With a Ball has announced that its annual Love Your City Conference will take place May 30, 2024, through June 1.

The Love Your City Conference brings together changemakers and champions from local organizations, the marketplace, missional churches and philanthropy. It’s an opportunity to build friendships with today’s leaders sitting beside you.

The conference will have several main sessions featuring historic leaders and insightful, fresh voices, as well as lively workshops, emerging communities of practice, meals as a group and practical equipping tools.

The weekend culminates with the opportunity to go out and experience Love Your City together in a local community.

Joining the conference are many special guests, including:

  • Tyler Prieb, a missiologist, pastor, and entrepreneur based in NYC,
  • Jerry White, Navigators’ International President Emeritus and
  • Andrew Peterson, an author, founder and the conference’s musical guest.

Click here for more conference details.

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