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Great Spaces: Grace 1720



One of Fourteen included in Our Great Spaces for Your Corporate & Holiday Events

Grace 1720
5155 Peachtree Pkwy #320
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

A fountain in the courtyard, travertine marble floors, and pretty chandeliers create a stylish, European ambiance that might be just the thing for your ideal holiday gathering. Grace 1720 in the Forum is a neighborhood favorite for American contemporary dining and beautiful surroundings.

The rustic-chic décor sets the stage for a memorable celebration. On September 14, 2019, they just had a celebration of their own. The faith-based family that owns the establishment celebrated its 15th year in business.

The restaurant name is a nod to Bible verse Matthew 17:20, which expresses the notion that nothing is impossible for those who have even the tiniest amount of faith, because even if that faith is as small as a mustard seed, it can move mountains.

Writer Patrizia Winsper getting a selfie with Managing Partner Kevin Gardner.

Managing Partner Kevin Gardner took some time to answer my questions for this piece. He has recently joined the team and hopes to help move the restaurant forward for at least another 15 years.

The Little Drummer Boy and a Mustard Seed Walk into a Bar…

 The Chef’s Room is great for a group of 10-12 people who want a private space. The doors can be shut for total privacy.

The Private Dining Room upstairs features a beautiful chandelier and a large banquet table. It will hold 40 people seated. Cocktail parties could accommodate more.

The Bar Area is a perfect place for a cocktail party.

The Main Dining Room can fit 60 or more. In cooler weather, the doors in the dining room open out to the patio creating an indoor/outdoor experience.

The Patio offers nice views, a fountain, and a fireplace for the cooler days ahead. It can seat 45-50 people. If you reserve the patio and the weather does not cooperate, they will likely hold the Private Dining Room for you upstairs, so there’s always a Plan B.

A total buyout would allow you to host the maximum number of guests, 155 occupancy.

How About a Holiday Party at Grace 1720?

Gardner explained why you might choose to host a corporate or family holiday gather at Grace 1720, “We have a uniqueness here. I think we are that casual elegance. We have easily the best patio in Peachtree Corners. The best wine selection in Peachtree Corners for sure, if not in Gwinnett. We’re family-owned. We’re not a cookie-cutter restaurant. And we are very willing to work with any size party, any type of party. If there are any special menus you need or anything like that, it definitely works here.”

Besides holiday parties, Grace 1720 is a terrific location to host any special occasion.

When asked to describe the menu, Gardner gave the mouth-watering reply, “We’ve got amazing appetizers. Our chicken spring rolls are probably one of our best things. We have a great crab cake… eggplant bruschetta, cheese platters… great salads. We always have a different soup of the day. They make all that fresh in the back. We have a great shrimp bisque. We’ve done a roasted corn one I love.

Today was a cauliflower soup which was actually really good, and I’m not a person who likes cauliflower. We have a great beet salad if you like roasted beets, a Caprese salad. At lunch we have amazing sandwiches; we have an amazing turkey and brie sandwich. We make the focaccia bread here. Great burgers: we have a salmon burger. We’ve got fish tacos. We’ve got a lot of eclectic types of sandwiches at lunch. We have some knife and fork types of things as well. Our chicken risotto is kind of a mainstay here. We have a great chef, Tino Salazar, and he can do just about anything.”

Gardner continued, “Our cuisine is American contemporary – but there are a lot of other influences. Our shrimp and grits are almost south of the border because of the sauce, it’s not a traditional southern sauce, but it’s delicious. Oh, and the smoked salmon linguine, … That’s probably one of my favorites right now… It’s so savory I don’t want to stop eating it.”

Recent post from Grace 1720 Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/grace17.20/

Book it!

“Make your plans as soon as you can,” warned Gardner. They do guarantee reservations for large parties with a credit card on file. “It gives us plenty of time to work with you on the menu, and on drink selections. We could tailor a wine selection for the party. Maybe some crafted cocktails. We have a lot of local craft beers.”

They are currently considering the possibility of catering parties off-site in the future. Until then, restaurant hours are Monday-Saturday from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. They are closed on Sundays, except for event reservations and shopping season in December.

Retaining a space at Grace 1720 allows you to go in and set up for your event as early as you like. “We limit the party time-frame only at lunch because if we have something coming up at dinner, we need time to clean the room and the next group can have time to set up, but it’s a pretty long time-frame. If they came in for a noon party, I really wouldn’t need them out until about 4 p.m. At dinner, we usually close at 10 p.m.,” said Gardner.

They have set menus for lunch and dinner parties. There are three or four options. Lunch can range from about $20-$24 per person, up to $30. Dinner is a little bit higher. They will try to tailor the menu to your needs.

Because weekends are in high demand, and demand drives the price, you might consider hosting your holiday party on a Monday or Thursday night, and possibly receive a discount.

Low: A starter and an entree. At lunch, it would be a salad and a sandwich and a non-alcoholic beverage. Everything you add is extra. Or you could get packages that have everything, so you know all of the costs upfront.

Mid: Desserts are now included. (They are usually an add-on). And you get a little more of a choice of starters and entrees. You start getting into some higher priced items as well, like steak, salmon or duck.

High: Lunch $34-35. You get a salad or soup, several choices of entrees, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages.

Dinner is a little bit higher. Their most expensive menu is about $40-$45 per person. That doesn’t include any of the alcohol which is always separate.

If you plan to have just wine, they will charge based on consumption or the number of bottles they pour. Bar Package: Host an Open Bar for 1 or 2 hours. You can choose some very high-end wines or liquor, or you could offer a few different tiers. Usually, they charge per person for alcohol, based on what the menu is going to be and the time frame.

Call Managing Partner Kevin Gardner to discuss your casually elegant holiday get-together at 678-421-1720.

Disclaimer: Pricing is meant as a guide and is subject to change, please check with the individual facilities directly.

Patrizia hails from Toronto, Canada where she earned an Honors B.A. in French and Italian studies at York University, and a B.Ed. at the University of Toronto. This trilingual former French teacher has called Georgia home since 1998. She and her family have enjoyed living, working and playing in Peachtree Corners since 2013.

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Great Spaces: Ten Bistro



Ten Bistro

One of Fourteen included in Our Great Spaces for Your Corporate & Holiday Events

Ten Bistro
5005 Peachtree Parkway #820
Peachtree Corners 30092

Ten Bistro is the vision of Owner and Chef Jesse Kauffman who initially spent a long time on the corporate side of the restaurant business. Much of his formation included eight weeks of training in the kitchen, at each new restaurant that he managed.

He comes from a family of foodies; his mother was always very focused on organic, healthy foods, and his grandfather was a life-long baker. He rolled into the restaurant business very naturally.

When this attractive space became available in his community, he jumped at the chance to open his own, and just like that, Kauffman became both a Peachtree Corners resident and restauranteur. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, he decided on a brilliant way to get the neighborhood to rally behind him.

He put out the word to the 10 major subdivisions in Peachtree Corners, soliciting favorite recipes from his neighbors. “There’s always that one person known for their white chicken chili at the tennis team party,” chuckled Kauffman. So in a genuine attempt to find out what his fellow citizens would enjoy eating, his initial menu emerged, complete with the names of the neighbors who had volunteered them and the subdivisions they hailed from.

“So that’s where the “10” came from. And Bistro, just because a bistro has everything from French onion soup, to a good fresh fish, to filet mignon, and good organic salads. So that’s Ten Bistro!”

The Ten Bistro Noël

Both corporate and family gatherings on the smaller side, which do not necessarily require a private event space, are welcome in the restaurant. If a private function is a requirement, buyout of the restaurant is always an option.

The best number for a party size here is 50 or less—50 would take-up the whole restaurant. They’ve had parties of up to 65, with some guests spilling over onto the patio, but you can’t always count on the weather.

How About a Holiday Party with Ten Bistro?

Great news! Kauffman and his team do provide off-site catering for 10-150 people. Call the restaurant to discuss your vision and Ten Bistro can come to you!

For a group reserving the whole restaurant, they’ll start off with either passed around appetizers, or set them up on the bar. Envision brie wrapped in puff pastry with pineapple chili marmalade, asparagus fries, pitta and hummus, vegetable crudités, and bruschetta toast points.

Once guests are seated two choices of salad are offered; either Caesar or the House Salad.

Entrees can be served one of two ways; family-style, with guests being served from platters brought out by servers or plated in advance and brought out. For family-style, “servers come out with large platters of truffle mashed potatoes, green beans, and asparagus, and serve everybody. Then we come out with 3 different proteins and everybody can have all of them, like salmon, steak, and chicken. So, you get a nice full plate that we keep serving until people are full,” explained Kauffman.

Alternatively, you may develop a menu from which guests will be able to choose one of three entrees if the party is large. If the party is 20 or smaller, guests can have a choice of up to five entrees. “That’s where we can include vegan, vegetarian, seafood, chicken, steak, for a nice broad coverage. Then we just plate it, and bring it out,” offered Kauffman.

Desserts are the grand finale of either the aforementioned scenario. 

Dietary restrictions can be accommodated here. Whether you’re a vegetarian, or you’re avoiding gluten, or dairy. Meals can be easily made per your request. Because everything is made to order, any undesired ingredients can be easily left off.

Kauffman has always had his finger on the pulse of every food decision at the restaurant. For the past seven years he’s shifted his focus from shaking hands and kissing babies in the front of the house to the kitchen even more so. There’s a reason the “boutiquey” restaurant is often buzzing.

Artwork from local artists adorns the walls of this eclectic establishment. If you should find a piece that speaks to you, they’re for sale – all proceeds go to the artists who created them.

Book it!

Any day is a good day to host a party at Ten Bistro. Kauffman recommends scheduling your holiday season event one month in advance.

From Sunday through Thursday, the group would have to spend $4,000 to rent the whole restaurant. This includes an open bar and a four-course meal.

The buyout price for Friday and Saturday is $5k, including a four-course menu, an open bar, tax and gratuity.

Daytime parties that take place on Saturday or Sunday can be done for much less: $20 per person, with a 20-person minimum.

For smaller groups of 15 to 25 that don’t need to rent the whole space for a private venue, it’s from $15 to $20 per person for lunch groups. For three courses dinners, it’s $27 per person, alcohol would not be included. It would be billed separately.

To book your holiday fête or soirée at Ten Bistro, call Owner and Chef Jesse Kauffman at 770-375-8330.

Disclaimer: Pricing is meant as a guide and is subject to change, please check with the individual facilities directly.

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Great Spaces: Royal Thai Bistro



Royal Thai Bistro

One of Fourteen included in Our Great Spaces for Your Corporate & Holiday Events

Royal Thai Bistro
6365 Spalding Drive, Suite A
Peachtree Corners 30092

Royal Thai Bistro is a family-owned, Asian Fusion restaurant offering in-house and to-go dining. There’s an uplifting story behind this restaurant. It’s a story of hard work, a love of our community, and of course, a love of flavorful Thai food.

Breathing life back into a great neighborhood jewel with a fresh Asian Fusion twist, Owner and Managing Partner Kenny Suphapol once worked in Royal Thai Cuisine. When it closed after serving the community for 25 years, he decided to purchase the space, pick the former owner’s brain regarding everything he loved about her restaurant, and he opened up shop again with his own personal touches, in the form of Royal Thai Bistro.

That was almost four years ago. Today, this welcoming neighborhood establishment offers weekly lunch specials and monthly Happy Hour dinner specials that are a big hit among the locals.

The Most Wonderful Thai of the Year

There are approximately 33 chairs, a long silver-colored, tufted back, leather banquette against the back wall, and a smaller adjacent room with 3 booths. Tables are elegantly set with dark linens. Royal Bistro can seat a party of 25-30 people for your holiday event.

If you’d prefer a standing-only cocktail hour type party, with passed appetizers, that is also an option in the main dining room.

How About a Holiday Party with Royal Thai Bistro?

Every dish served here is made fresh to order. “We use only fresh ingredients to make our Thai Fusion food,” stated Suphapol. Their aim is to serve up the unique flavors of Thai cuisine with a slight twist, making it friendlier on American palates. “For example, we’ll put a traditional, Thai Nam Tok salad in a sandwich, and serve it with fries,” explained Suphapol. “We can make dishes super spicy, or as spicy as you like.”

There are gluten-free and vegetarian options available. They’re able to cater to certain food allergies as well. They try their best to meet your needs and are happy to prepare dishes especially for you if you have dietary restrictions.

While Royal Thai Bistro does not cater off-site, they do prepare large quantities of food for pick-up so you can still take the Thai party home. For a large affair, five days of advance notice would be beneficial.

Book it!

Two days’ notice is sufficient for a party of 10-12. For parties of 25-30 people, five days’ notice is advised. While they encourage customers to book as early as possible, they’ve also been able to accept large party bookings in as little as two to three days in advance.

Royal Thai Bistro is open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Dinner hours are Sunday through Thursday 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

If your party takes place here, free refills of Thai tea and coffee are included. Beer and wine would be charged on a per consumption basis.

Food pricing will depend on the number and type of dishes you request. Per person rates can start at $12 to $15, which would include appetizers and entrees. More expensive selections can go up to $25 per person, including three to four appetizers, not served all at once, but staggered and spread out. When everyone is done, a main course would be served.

To discuss the details of your Thai-rrific holiday party at Royal Bistro, call Owner, Kenny Suphapol at 828-635-9745.

Disclaimer: Pricing is meant as a guide and is subject to change, please check with the individual facilities directly.

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Great Spaces: Pub Ten



Pub Ten

One of Fourteen included in Our Great Spaces for Your Corporate & Holiday Events

Pub Ten
5270 Peachtree Parkway #118b
Peachtree Corners 30092

The friendly, neighborhood bar and grill with that Cheers sort of vibe, “where everybody knows your name,” Pub Ten, is a cozy place to consider celebrating the season’s social events. Owner, Evan Hanson and I had a fun chat about just that. Evan also does the pastry work at the pub.

“I have a lot of regulars. They start to walk in the door and the bartender is making their drink before they even ask for it. Or we’re already ordering their food. I want everybody to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. I want everybody to have great service, good food, enjoy the ambiance, and listen to some fun music,” beamed Hanson.

This craft kitchen and bar serves-up an elevated take on pub food, with a bit of a twist. They like their food to be a little bit crazy—like the lamb burger with banh mi slaw. Instead of nachos consisting of corn tortilla chips with ground beef on top, you’re going to get fried wontons topped with Korean BBQ brisket. Besides avoiding the traditional however, the old favorites are on hand, because plenty of people still enjoy a regular burger, and the comfort of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Evan serves up the best wings in town, in my opinion. They’re smoked, baked, fried, and then tossed in your sauce of choice. My favorite is the Sweet Chili Thai sauce, but their made-from-scratch 10 spice dry rub is popular too.

On the Pub-Tenth Day of Christmas…

A sit-down dinner, a buffet, or appetizers, all scenarios are possible here. “We try to accommodate the needs of the group,” said Hanson. They have both family and business events at the pub.

There’s a semi-private room where events are usually held, and the main dining area where the bar is located. Generally, people rent out the quasi-secluded room. If seated, 30-35 people can be accommodated. If it’s a standing/cocktail shindig, one can invite 40 to 55 guests.

If booking this semi-private room, there is a minimum dollar spend, depending on the day of the week and the time. You can also rent the entire space as long as the minimum spend is met.

Good News! Pub Ten also provides catering off-site for up to about 100 people. Hanson advises against certain items that don’t travel well, like some of the fried foods, although some of her customers insist on getting the Mac Tots delivered – in which case she advises they be kept in the oven so they stay crispy. When catering, all sauces are kept separate from the food to avoid anything getting soggy.

If you need servers, she’s happy to send her staff along to help you, and allows you to pay them directly.

How About a Holiday Party with Pub Ten?

It’s nice to have a space exclusively dedicated to your party. “We are so reasonably priced compared to some others in the area. Again, we’re that hometown, sit down and feel comfortable kind of place. You’ll feel like you’re at home. We’ll make sure we take good care of you,” vowed Hanson.

For the most part, the party food comes from the usual menu. You can also provide guests with a reduced menu if you prefer. If you want to go off menu, that is absolutely an option. A nacho bar, with all the fixings is a popular idea. That way everyone can create their own and get it just the way they like. Chafing dishes are used for a buffet style meal. “We try to make it easy for anybody to get whatever they want,” said Hanson.

Pub Ten can adapt the menu according to your dietary needs. “We can cater to any dietary restrictions considering what’s on the menu. If you need it to be gluten free, we can make sure it’s gluten free for you. If you need some vegetarian options, we have great vegetarian options. We have a veggie burger that’s amazing. I have a keto bowl right now that’s a spaghetti squash bake, no pasta, and it’s amazing, with chicken. If you need it to be vegetarian, we can just leave the chicken off,” said Hanson. 

Book it!

For larger groups, a week’s notice helps them to plan accordingly. For the holidays, Evan suggests starting to book in October, if not sooner, because several corporate events get booked here annually.


  • Monday           5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Tuesday           11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Wednesday     11 a.m. -10 p.m.
  • Thursday         11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
  • Friday              11 a.m. – 12 a.m.
  • Saturday          11 a.m. – 12 a.m.
  • Sunday            11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Instead of a room rental fee, you’ll have to spend a certain amount, depending upon the night of the week. A normally busy night like a Friday will be more expensive. If you reach that predetermined amount, there’s no extra charge. If you haven’t met that minimum amount, then your tab will be bumped-up. “I’ll make sure you get the best of the best. I try to be fair,” promised Hanson.

Pricing will vary between buffets and seated dinners.

  • Low: grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, and such.
  • High: steak, Spanish bowl, Brazilian bowl, and the higher-end items.

Alcohol tabs for parties can be handled in a number of ways. Evan is open to what works best for you. For example, you may opt for an open bar scenario, minus one or two liquors that may be beyond what the agreed-upon price-point would afford.

To inquire about hosting a friendly and intimate holiday party at Pub Ten, contact Owner, Evan Hanson at 678-691-5041.

Disclaimer: Pricing is meant as a guide and is subject to change, please check with the individual facilities directly.

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