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ControlRad, Developing Innovative Solutions that Dramatically Reduce the Lifetime Risk of Radiation Exposure



Control Rad

Vibrant Technology at the Heart of Five Innovative Companies, one of five companies profiled

Founded in 2010 by three men of Israeli descent, ControlRad has recently relocated from Pennsylvania to Georgia. I was able to speak to CEO Guillaume Bailliard as he settled in at their new Global Headquarters in Peachtree Corners.

They moved from Atlanta Tech Park to their new office space at 275 Scientific Dr. N.W. after securing $15 million from Questa Capital in September. “That helped fuel the growth of the company, including planting our flag here, at this facility,” Bailliard said.

Their Research and Development Team, comprised of 20 R&D engineers, is located in Kfar Saba, just outside of Tel Aviv. “The number one place in the world today for startups per capita in Israel,” Bailliard shared.

CEO Guillaume Bailliard

X-rays Come at a Cost

To fully appreciate ControlRad’s innovation, it’s important to understand a bit of x-ray technology. Hint: think ‘control radiation.’

“The radiation you get from x-ray is ionizing radiation—high-energy wavelengths or particles that penetrate tissue to reveal the body’s internal organs and structures. Ionizing radiation can damage DNA.” [Radiation Risk from Medical Imaging (2018), Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School]

X-rays allow us to see inside the body without invasive surgery. Traditionally, static x-ray is used if you break your arm, in order to see the fracture. It’s the same type of x-ray you get at the dentist’s office. “There is very little risk with that single exposure,” Bailliard explained.

However, continuous x-ray or Fluoroscopy, used by doctors like cardiologists, spine surgeons and urologists to see specific organs in real-time and to deploy devices inside the body like stents, without having to perform exploratory surgery, “subjects medical staff and patients to a tremendous amount of dangerous and unnecessary x-ray exposures in a single procedure,” Bailliard said. “A certain percentage of that prolonged radiation exposure scatters outside the body to the medical staff and to patients needlessly.”

During a fluoroscopic procedure, the physician is at the table beside to you, deploying the devices and getting radiated in very close proximity to the x-ray unit.

What Drives ControlRad’s Innovation?

The issue is that much of the scattered radiation reaches the medical staff. “They get roughly 150,000 worth of chest x-rays over a lifetime. This is a lot like the NFL concussion story,” Bailliard said, “in the sense that the issues with concussions have always been there, but it is only recently that we truly understand the long-term impact of repeated concussions.”

Similarly, medical staff has always been subjected to radiation, but the adverse effects of this have not been well-documented until now. Risks include increased incidents of cataracts, atherosclerosis, strokes and left-brain tumors. (The x-ray tube is closest to the left side of the physician’s head during procedures.)

Don’t be Afraid to Seek Treatment

While we may have a fluoroscopic procedure once or twice in a lifetime, physicians are performing them repeatedly throughout the day. ControlRad helps protect the medical staff providing life-saving treatment to patients.

“I don’t want readers to be afraid of going to see a cardiologist to get treated, or to get an x-ray of the hand,” Bailliard said. “Everyone should ask the right questions about the risks of radiation with their physicians. The risks for patients are very low. It’s a risk-benefit ratio and the benefits typically greatly outweigh the risks.”

How Low Can You Go?

Since no amount of radiation from an x-ray is good for you, ControlRad adheres to the FDA espoused guiding principle of radiation safety: ALARA, which stands for: As Low as Reasonably Achievable. In other words, how low can you get radiation exposure without impacting the ability to treat patients?
Am I the only one singing “How Low Can You Go” in my head right now?

To that end, it is ControlRad’s mission to dramatically reduce the unnecessary risks associated with gratuitous radiation exposure without compromising image quality or workflow. It’s an undertaking that benefits both patients and physicians, but their primary focus is on protecting medical staff who are in harm’s way for the span of their careers.

ControlRad Reduces Radiation by up to 89%

510(k) Cleared—the FDA has granted permission to go to market—ControlRad’s device consists of three components retrofitted onto existing x-ray units. (See Figure 1.)

    Used to select the region-of-interest (ROI), either by detecting where the doctor is looking, or by allowing the doctor to draw an ROI manually on the tablet.
    The filter sits on top of the x-ray tube. It moves in real-time focusing on the selected ROI and reducing the x-ray beam outside the ROI, thereby filtering out unnecessary scatter radiation.
    Image processing algorithms help improve the image quality delivered to the physician.

The Launch

A published and peer-reviewed study has demonstrated a 75% radiation reduction to both patient and medical staff, using ControlRad’s technology. This ground-breaking device has recently been launched and is currently in limited release.

“The objective is to pressure test the product, the feature sets, our logistics, our service, and our training,” Bailliard said. “We’ve done a number of installations and are actually looking into having some installations in Atlanta. We’re in the process of talking with those teams.”


Dr. Andrew Cappuccino in Niagara Falls suggested that not only was the radiation exposure to himself and to his patient drastically reduced, but he believes he saw an improvement in image quality as well.
“It makes sense to us that there is an improvement in image quality because we’re reducing the amount of scatter radiation in the ROI, but we’ll do additional studies to validate that,” Bailliard noted. “Our objective was to reduce unnecessary x-ray radiation and not negatively impact image quality. What we’re finding is that there’s potentially a very strong improvement in image quality as well.”

Why Peachtree Corners?

Bailliard cited the convenient location, its proximity to Atlanta, as well as access to a critical mass of medical device talent. “The key to any business is to be able to attract the right people. Being nicely centralized in this area we have folks coming from Marietta, from down-town and from further north.”
He also referred to the fact that the cost of doing business in Peachtree Corners is lower than in the Northeast where they were previously located and certainly lower than in Atlanta.

Perhaps my favorite reason they’ve chosen our city for their global headquarters: “We’re outside of the craziness of inside the perimeter, yet we’re in this Technology Park. That’s been the key,” Bailliard stated.

Looking to the Future

I wondered aloud if one day, patients would be able to seek out physicians who employ ControlRad’s technology.

“Actually, hospitals that are looking at our technology are looking to market to patients. Because there is a benefit to patients, we’re reducing the amount of unnecessary radiation exposure. That’s a good story,” Bailliard proclaimed.

Patrizia hails from Toronto, Canada where she earned an Honors B.A. in French and Italian studies at York University, and a B.Ed. at the University of Toronto. This trilingual former French teacher has called Georgia home since 1998. She and her family have enjoyed living, working and playing in Peachtree Corners since 2013.

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Transwestern Completes 100,000 Sf of Office Lease Transactions in Peachtree Corners



Summit at Peachtree Parkway
Summit at Peachtree Parkway

Transwestern Real Estate Services (TRS) announces its Atlanta Agency Leasing team has executed more than 100,000 square feet of new leases at Summit at Peachtree Parkway, a 179,617-square-foot, six-story office building at 5550 Peachtree Parkway in Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

Transwestern Senior Managing Directors Chip Roach and Stephen Clifton, who provide exclusive leasing services on behalf of building owner OA Development, negotiated the following transactions:

  • Soliant Health LLC has executed a new lease for 58,734 square feet. Represented in the transaction by Sean Coughlin of C2 Partners LLC, the national healthcare staffing company occupies more than 32% of the building.
  • Teradata Operations LLC, a leading provider of data intelligence and analytics products and services, has executed a new lease for 25,771 square feet. The San Diego-based company was represented by Clinton McKellar of Cushman & Wakefield in the transaction.
  • Randstad Professionals US LLC, one of the world’s largest employee recruitment agencies, has executed a new lease for 9,467 square feet. Alison Bittel of Colliers represented the tenant in the transaction.
  • Capstone Hospice LLC, which services families in 18 Georgia counties, has executed a new lease for 5,347 square feet. Jeff Richardson and Jason Ferguson of CTR Partners represented the tenant in its relocation to the property. 
  • Carlson Design Group LLC, an architectural and engineering services firm, has executed a new lease for 3,852 square feet. Adomo Piccinni of Walbridge represented the tenant in the transaction.

“In 2019, we worked with ownership to complete renovations to the lobby, corridors and elevators, and add a new conference center and fitness facility with lockers and showers to the property’s already stellar amenity offerings,” said Roach. “These enhancements, as well as the building’s overall flexibility, have been extremely well received by prospects and tenants.”

Additional amenities at the property include a 10,000-square-foot, fully furnished patio overlooking basketball and volleyball courts, and covered parking for more than 50% of vehicles.

Summit at Peachtree Parkway is located minutes from Interstate 285, providing easy access to Buckhead, Midtown and downtown Atlanta. Adjacent to the future Peachtree Corners Technology Park Trail, the property is within 10 miles of more than 10 golf courses and country clubs, and less than a mile from the new 21-acre Peachtree Corners Town Center.

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World’s First Self-Driving E-Scooters Launch in Peachtree Corners



Tortoise e-scooter

Teleoperated e-scooters will operate on public streets

In keeping with its long history of developing cutting-edge technologies, the city of Peachtree Corners announced the launch of a fleet of the world’s first teleoperated e-scooter to operate on public streets The e-scooters made their debut this week.

The city welcomed the opportunity to work with Tortoise and Go X, which combined forces to offer an e-scooter that has the ability, through the use of remote tele-operators, to reposition itself back to a safe parking spot – or to respond to a call (using the company’s app) for an e-scooter to be delivered right to a customer’s door. The e-scooters are repositioned by Tortoise’s remote teleoperators.

Peachtree Corners has been working with the two visionary companies to revolutionize e-scooter mobility for use in its city. The new technology solves two issues that have plagued the industry: 1) Finding a scooter – and 2) Returning scooters to a home base for safe parking, charging and cleaning.

The e-scooters make their debut in the city’s Technology Park Atlanta, a 500-acre existing technology park that is home to over 7,000 employees. The teleoperated e-scooters will be available for use by the general public and will operate on the city’s new 1.5-mile autonomous vehicle test track that runs alongside lanes used by the motoring public.

“We are excited to showcase this innovative technology,” said Mayor Mike Mason. “It’s another opportunity for the city to look beyond traditional transportation and seek innovative ways to improve mobility. We invite our citizens and the business community to see and experience this new technology.”

The initial pilot will run for six months and marks the first time ever that teleoperated e-scooters are deployed on public streets.

This is not the first time that the city has been the site of innovative transportation technologies. Last fall, Olli, the self-driving shuttle designed and built by Local Motors, began operating along the city’s 1.5-mile autonomous vehicle track. The test track is part of Curiosity Lab, the city’s living lab, which offers companies a facility to test emerging technologies in a real-world environment.

This latest venture into teleoperated e-scooters is part of the city’s drive to further expand its “smart city” technologies.

“An important goal for us was to ensure that residents can enjoy the convenience of using e-scooters, right here in Peachtree Corners,” said City Manager Brian Johnson. “As a reflection of our commitment to making cities smarter, we didn’t hesitate to partner with Tortoise to launch the first-ever fleet of self-driving e-scooters for public use. We are extremely pleased to be a partner in this innovative and world-changing technology.”

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Thompson Ehle to Move to New Offices at 2 Sun Court



2 Sun Court Peachtree Corners GA

Thompson Ehle Company, a construction management and engineering firm, plans to relocate to new offices at 2 Sun Court, a 98,040-square-foot, Class-A office.

Lincoln Property Company Southeast’s Matt Davis and Matt Fergus represented the owner, Redline Property Partners. CBRE’s Kevin Carroll represented the tenant.

Thompson Ehle Company is a provider of construction management, fire protection, mechanical and electrical engineering services with offices in Atlanta, Ga. and Houston, Texas. Later this year, the company will take occupancy, relocating from its current Peachtree Corner’s office at 50 Technology Parkway.

“We are continuing to see ongoing interest in the Peachtree Corners submarket from a number of top-tier tenants,” said Lincoln’s Davis. “With best-in-class amenities, Redline is committed to offering an exceptional office experience at great value for tenants of 2 Sun and we are pleased that Thompson Ehle has chosen to relocate to the building.”

Ownership recently completed building-wide renovations to the lobby, corridors, common areas, elevators and restrooms, as well as creating an outdoor tenant lounge. Redline has also redesigned and upgraded the original base building systems, installed Wi-Fi connected meeting spaces and incorporated on-site food delivery programs featuring weekly revolving food trucks. Four vacant spaces remain available at the building, ranging in size from 3,154 square feet to 10,227 square feet.

“We tailored our renovation of 2 Sun to meet the needs of today’s tenants in our quest to deliver an improved property that provides exceptional experience at great value,” said Andrew Webb, principal of Redline. “We are honored to be adding Thompson Ehle to the building’s existing group of high quality tenants.”

Source: Press release from Lincoln Property Company Southeast

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