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City Names its New Multi-Use Trail and Unveils First of Six Trail Art Sculptures



Left to Right, Randy Gilbert, Councilmembers Eric Christ and Lorri Christopher, Mayor Mike Mason and councilmembers Jeanne Aulbach and Phil Sadd

On Tuesday afternoon during a special presentation and ribbon-cutting event, the Mayor and Council celebrated the opening of a new section of its 11.5-mile multi-use trail system. They also announced the name selected for the trail — and unveiled the first of six sculptures to be placed throughout the city.

In the city’s name-the-trail contest “Corners Connector” was chosen for the name of the city-wide trail which will wind throughout the community connecting neighborhoods to parks, shops, restaurants and offices. Mr. Randy Gilbert, a long-time resident, selected the winning name chosen from over 150 entries.

Mr. Gilbert was on hand to help cut the ribbon on the new 1/3-mile section of the trail which runs around a portion of the 7-acre Technology Park Lake. This newest section has a plaque dedicated to Mr. Lee Tucker in recognition of his efforts in ensuring the city had the land needed for the trail expansion. Future plans will include the trail to encircle the entire lake.

“The trail is a great asset to Peachtree Corners and well worth the effort to build it,” said Mr. Gilbert. “I can see many people enjoying it in the years to come.”

In several in-person and online surveys, citizens ranked multi-use trails among the most desirable and valued community recreational assets. The city envisions that the Corners Connector will not only serve as an alternate means of travel but will also be a linear park offering unique amenities and programs for its residents.

“This is an exciting moment for our city,” said Mayor Mason during the event. “We hope our citizens, and those who work here in Tech Park, enjoy this new amenity. We look forward to celebrating each section of our “Corners Connector” trail as it is completed. We are also conducting feasibility study now to add a 3 ½- mile walking trail along Crooked Creek. We hope to have more news on that proposed section soon.”

The new button-shaped sculpture, which is located at the entrance to the lake-side trail section, is part of a Gwinnett-wide effort by a nonprofit organization, Button Art, to showcase the county. The city plans to install a total of six of the round-shaped Button Art sculptures, each depicting a theme based on the area of town in which it is located. Button Art, Inc. is a nonprofit created to further the love of art in Gwinnett County. The project was inspired by Button Gwinnett, the county’s namesake.

The city’s first sculpture features a friendly-looking robot walking a robotic dog, a nod to the many high-tech businesses located within Technology Park. Local artist, Lance Campbell has designed the artwork for the city’s six sculptures which are among 200 that will be sprinkled throughout the county.  

Visit www.buttonart.org for more information on the Button Art project.

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Local Book Spotlight: Sixty Things to Teach College Kids Before They Graduate



sixty things book
Photo from Cliff Bramble

After forty years of helping guests in the hospitality business, local Peachtree Corners restauranteur and author Cliff Bramble brings his advice and skills to the college bound kids. His new book, “Sixty Things to Teach College Kids Before They Graduate: Life Lessons Before and During College Years” is full of practical advice and encouragement for young adults.

Parents, friends, and relatives of high school and college kids will be pleased with this new book of “life skills”. The book is listed in the top 100 ranked books on Amazon’s “College Prep (Books)” category, as of January 8. Below is the official book description.

“After dropping off my daughter at COLLEGE, I was overcome with emotion. On our journey back home, I pulled onto a side road and cried my eyes out. My wife did the same. My twelve-year-old son (in the back seat) was quiet but seemed concerned. Once we got home, I hugged my son and told him that it was okay to cry and his sister was going to do great, and we will visit her frequently. My son hugged me tightly and while crying he said, “what am I going to do without my best friend?” It broke my heart. I cried even more. It was a tough day but, like all parents, we got through it. Part of the reason for the tears was because we were so proud of her, but the “letting go” part…. wow, it’s tough! The next day I thought to myself, “did I teach my daughter everything that she needs to know to be ready for the real world?” I quickly realized that she needed to know more about the“life skills” to make her successful. That’s how this book came to fruition.

It’s made up of many “life skills” that a teenager can begin to explore during college and, as they grow older, continue to read and learn more about the topics. Along with the information, there are additional pages at the back of the book to add thoughts of exciting events that have occurred during the child’s lifetime.

Topics include: Responsibility, Health, Insurance, Annual Exams, Drugs & Alcohol, Money and Savings, Credit Checks, Credit Cards, Taxes, Stocks, Budgeting, Buying a Home, Home Repairs, Home Cooking, Buying a Car, Car Insurance, Car Maintenance, Gas Cost, First Jobs, Income Streams, Failing, Contracts, Shopping and Being Frugal, Home Buying, Warranties, Being Nice, Helping People, Complimenting Others, Being Humble, Thank You Cards, Self Defense, Bad Days, Taking Risks, Politics, Quitting, Roommates, Small Things, and Personal Parent Pages

Hopefully, this book will help before and during the college years and after graduating from college.”

This book is the second published by Bramble. The first, Within Our Walls. An inspirational story for the restaurant industry,” is a hands-on no-nonsense story of his planning & opening three restaurants as a partner while he was co-owner of Rathbun’s, Krog Bar, and Kevin Rathbun Steak in Atlanta. Both titles are available for purchase on Amazon.

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The Arts in Brief



art station 12 dates play
12 dates of christmas- a virtual play. Photo from Art Station Theatre site.

Now more than ever, we could use a little artistic inspiration and entertainment. Here’s a quick look at what the local art community has in store for December and January.

The Hudgens Center presents its 10th Annual Juried Members Exhibition, on view at the center through January 30. This year’s exhibition will be adjudicated by Atlanta based artist Jerushia Graham. Graham has exhibited work nationally and internationally, and is the Museum Coordinator at the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking in Atlanta. For info, visit thehudgens.org.

Bring the joy and magic of holiday theatre home with The Twelves Dates of Christmas: A Virtual Christmas Play presented by ART Station Theatre. After seeing her fiancé kiss another woman at the televised Thanksgiving Day Parade, Mary’s life falls apart — just in time for the holidays. Over the next year, she stumbles back into the dating world where romance ranges from weird and creepy to absurd and comical. This heartwarming one-woman play offers a hilarious and modern alternative to the old standards of the holiday season. Get details at artstation.org.

Christmas has arrived at Aurora Theatre. Anthony Rodriguez is back to delight audiences with an exhilarating one-man adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Nestled in the intimate Aurora Studio, the theatre is transformed to make you feel as though Mr. Dickens has personally invited you into his parlor. Rodriguez guides you through the traditional tale of Mr. Scrooge one last time and single-handedly portrays all the beloved Dickens characters. At its heart, this rendition captures the true spirit of Christmas — the joy of giving. The show runs from December 16 to 23, with tickets at $60 apiece. Go to auroratheatre.com to learn more.

For a virtual experience of Aurora Theatre, it doesn’t get more wonderful than an It’s a Wonderful Life stage adaptation. This hilariously touching stage adaptation of one of the most popular and heartwarming films ever made stars Atlanta’s own Jeremy Aggers (Singles in Agriculture, Hands on a Hardbody). Mr. Aggers inhabits all of the wonderful characters — Clarence, Mr. Potter, Uncle Billy, Mary, Mr. Gower, yes even Zuzu, as well as the iconic George Bailey, who learns that it takes a lot more than money to be the richest man in town. The cost for streaming access is $25. Click on auroratheatre.com for details.

The Sacred Threads interactive quilt exhibit at the Rectory in Norcross features recordings of the artists explaining their work. The Sacred Threads traveling exhibition has attracted a wide array of visitors across the nation and has proven appropriate for all ages. Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be available through January 8. More at sacredthreadsquilts.com.

The Lionheart Theatre Company presents Orphans by Lyle Kessler, directed by Christine Trent. It’s a dark, moving story about two lost and forgotten brothers who find redemption through a mysterious stranger, their kidnapped victim. The show will run from January 8 to 17, hosted at 10 College Street in Norcross. There’s a $25 admission cost; each show is capped at 25 attendees. Get more info at lionhearttheatre.org.

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‘Late Boomers’: Local Author publishes book about enterprising seniors



Author Jeri Bernstein

Long time Peachtree Corners resident Jeri Bernstein has recently published a book partly inspired by her interactions with residents in a large retirement community in Buckhead. As a freelance advertising copywriter, Bernstein would periodically write community posts for their websites that would essentially profile the life stories of select residents.

She noticed just how interesting the lives of these experience peoples were and continue to be. And most specifically, she found herself drawn to those that made late-in-life pivots. A sixty-something friend retired from teaching last fall and started a new job as a Delta Flight Attendant. If her friend could do it, so could others. So Bernstein did some research and dug into the thick of it. Out of that process came “Late Boomers: Inspiring stories of people who’ve done life-changing things later in life.”

“In my book, using the same process that I use for the people at the retirement community, I wrote about Ginny who set out to do just one pull-up and now is the oldest female competitor on the America’s Ninja Warrior TV show.  I told the story of a Maryland couple in their 80’s who started a stand-up comedy club…and they had never even set foot in a comedy club.  I searched out and interviewed 16 fantastic people and wrote their stories to inspire others to keep on going–age is just a number.  And accomplishment never gets old,” Bernstein says.

Some might say Bernstein herself take after the very role models that she depicts, choosing to write a full-length non-fiction book instead of her copywriting comfort zone.

If you would like to purchase a copy, Late Boomers can be found on Amazon or at LateBoomersRock.com

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