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Peachtree Corners Kids web series highlights what’s happening

At the cusp of the new year, another exciting venture has made its way to Peachtree Corners. Tytan Pictures, which has been operating the city’s Instagram for a year and a half, is producing a new web series, unlike anything Peachtree Corners has seen before.

Showcase for the city

“We wanted to highlight all the amazing things happening in Peachtree Corners, but present it through the eyes of its youth,” said James Stone, producer of the Peachtree Corners Kids web series. He said the show’s creators got the idea when they realized the best way to reach kids is through social media platforms like YouTube, where the episodes are posted.

“It’s the only way to showcase this beautiful city to those who live here because every kid today is busy looking at social media, and the best way to market all the great things here is to embrace that,” he said.

The web series isn’t just for kids. Stone claims the target audience is “anywhere from 10 to 25 years old, and of course, includes a secondary audience of all the parents of the amazing kids we’re working with here on the show.”

The show’s founders were also inspired by the technological advancements that have been made in Peachtree Corners over the past couple years, like the new Curiosity Lab.

Episodes of the web series will be posted online to the Peachtree Corners Network YouTube channel. They’ll focus on places around town, school, technology and how to have fun in our great city. Stone explained that the most important thing is that “we try and keep some of the creative power in the hands of the kids who are starring in the show.”

Cast of many talents

The cast of the show is made up of kids from ages 10 to 18 who have interests ranging from sports and cooking to technology and the arts. According to Associate Producer Karli Brown, who became involved with Tytan Pictures last year, “some of the cast members have even been featured in movies and television shows.”

She said that while the level of talent is an asset to the show, it only made the audition process that much more difficult. “It seemed like everyone who came in was just an amazing actor or really gifted musically. We were really surprised at the level of talent here in Peachtree Corners, and that’s why it became so challenging to narrow it down to the 25 kids who would eventually make up the talented cast we have today.”

“It was also hard because it felt like, as the audition process went on, everyone just became more and more talented,” Stone added. “It was really a shame, at the end of the day, to have to let some of those kids go, but that’s all a part of creating something like this.”

Brown said that getting to explore Peachtree Corners while doing research for the show has been a memorable experience. “I worked as a location scout and got to go see what the city had to offer while planning out the episodes of Peachtree Corners Kids. It was amazing to be able to see what the city has going on entertainment-wise because there were just so many options.”

She also proved an asset to the production team after showing off her acting skills in the first episode. “I ended up filling in at the last minute for someone who couldn’t make it to filming that day,” Brown remembered. “It was really fun for me because I originally auditioned to be a part of Tytan as an actress, but after the web series took off, I began working more behind the scenes.”

Where it’s going

So, what’s next for the Peachtree Corners Kids web series? According to Stone, they’ll continue to create outstanding entertainment that represents our city.

“We want to keep making content that’s relevant to the people of Peachtree Corners. For example, new trends in fashion or what’s going on in health, and really just provide more opportunities to showcase the broad spectrum of talent that’s here in the city,” he said.

Brown added, “I’m really looking forward to making videos about summer life in Peachtree Corners and getting to dive into what that will look like for the kids in the city.”

Most importantly, though, Brown and Stone are hoping that, with the web series, they can make a real impact on the city and the people that live here.

“At the end of the day, for us, it’s all about not only showcasing life here to the citizens of Peachtree Corners, but also to the rest of America,” Stone explained. “We want to be able to shed some light on this amazing city and show everyone how great it is to live and work here.”

Be sure to tune into The Peachtree Corners Kids web series to keep up with all the interesting events and places in our city. For more information on the web series or to view episodes, subscribe to the Peachtree Corners Network on YouTube. You won’t want to miss it! ■

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City Recognizes its High School Graduating Seniors with Special Video Tribute



Graduates 2020 Peachtree Corners

The coronavirus hasn’t stopped this year’s high school graduating seniors from making lemonade out of lemons, in this case the lemon was a virus pandemic that has virtually stopped the world in its tracks.

Though they didn’t have the chance to be part of the traditional march to pick up their diplomas signifying the completion of 13 years of schooling, this group has learned there is more than one way to mark this annual rite of passage. Families have gathered remotely using technology to overcome the barriers of social distancing, and impromptu automobile parades were held as graduating seniors made the rounds in their cars waiving to neighbors, friends and supporters in celebrating their big day.

And the city of Peachtree Corners is also doing its part to make this a special moment – via a unique video highlighting the city’s high school seniors. All Peachtree Corners graduating seniors who attended a public, private school – or were home schooled, had the opportunity to submit photos, videos and information which was used to create this special video.

“This year’s high school graduates went from working in a classroom to working 100 percent online,” said Mayor Mike Mason. “They watched their dreams of a traditional graduation vanish before their eyes. But history will prove that the 2020 High School graduates have learned to improvise. The world changed, and they changed with it.

“Each and every student can stand tall and be proud for they will forever be remembered as the graduating class who made milestones and history. We wish you great success.”

The 2020 High School Senior Class video is available on the city’s YouTube channel, PCN Network.

The video will also be shown Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the big screen at the Town Green.

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City Releases Special Memorial Day Tribute Video



Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the City of Peachtree Corners and the Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument Association will commemorate America’s fallen soldiers this Memorial Day with a special video tribute.

The special video features comments by Mayor Mike Mason and Retired Army Col. Bob Ballagh, a wreath laying by Councilmember Alex Wright, volunteers installing 48 new pavers and concludes with the traditional raising of the flags to full staff at noon.

Please use this link (or see the embedded video below) to view the city’s video tribute as we remember the men and women who died while serving our country.  

The PCVMA would like to thank all who were involved in the making of this year’s video:

  • Mayor Mike Mason, a veteran of the U.S. Navy
  • PCVMA Master of Ceremonies, Retired Army Col. Bob Ballagh
  • Councilmember Alex Wright, a veteran of the U.S. Navy
  • PCVMA Vice President, Retired Army Reserves Col. Doug Heckman
  • PCVMA Committee Member and Retired Navy Commander Tiffany Grave de Peralta
  • Assisting with flag raising PCVMA volunteer David “Doc” Hammer
  • Simpsonwood United Methodist Church Rev. John Purington
  • Bugler, Wesleyan Band Director Jeff Foster
  • Videographer Howell Upchurch, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force
  • Professional Photographer Jason Getz, a Peachtree Corners resident
  • And the volunteers who installed the 48 new brick pavers

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Gwinnett Accepting Cares Act Grants Applications For Covid-19 Programs For The Needy



Cares Act for Non-Profits

Gwinnett County is accepting applications from nonprofit and faith-based partners for round one of its federal CARES Act grant funding to serve Gwinnett residents most in need because of COVID-19.

All applications must be submitted electronically to the Community Development Program by June 4 for consideration.

Funding allocations will be made to qualifying nonprofit agencies providing eligible services in Gwinnett County. Applicants must be registered to conduct business in the state of Georgia and be designated as a 501(c)(3) organization.

The Gwinnett County Community Development Program will be hosting a Gwinnett COVID-19 Funding Webinar Friday at 11 a.m. The meeting can be accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone at global.gotomeeting.com/join/994133205 or by phone at 571.317.3112. The access code is 994-133-205.

CARES Act grant funds are reimbursable, so applicants must have the capacity and cash-flow to cover eligible costs. The County encourages collaborative submissions – especially those that use a strategic approach to address critical needs, such as emergency food assistance, housing and emergency shelter, childcare, transportation, and healthcare services.

Applicants will need to fill out the COVID-19 Statement of Need application at www.GwinnettCounty.com. The application can be found under Top Stories from the home page as well as under COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits on the Department of Financial Services’ Grants webpage.

The $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act passed in March is intended to provide direct economic assistance for American workers, families, and small businesses, and to preserve jobs for industries. Gwinnett County manages CARES Act funding locally.

For more information, call the Community Development Program at 678-518-6008 or email gchcd@gwinnettcounty.com.

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